Monday, March 1, 2010

Japan Day 2

Today was action packed.  We started off at Toei Movie Studio Park.  It's a giant movie set where they film Samurai dramas for movies and TV.  We even go to see them shoot a popular Japanese Samurai series.  I couldn't resist it the urge, so I got a few Tiger's fang shots while we were there!  I would have spent the entire day there if I could, but there was so much other stuff to do.

Next we went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine.  This place seemed endless.  There are thousands of giant orange Tori gates everywhere.  The form these tunnels that wind up and down through a beautiful forest setting.  It was pretty awesome.

On the way back we hit up a gigantic video arcade at the Nijo station.  I watched Steve play BlazeBlue against a local, and he actually did pretty well.  They had tons of wacky games here with interesting control scheme.  They're way beyond the standard joystick.

We ate dinner at a Japanese steak house, then went to the Pontocho district which was insane.  I couldn't even tell you how large it was because we didn't reach the end.  There were main streets with shopping and karaoke.  Then there were these funky alleys with bars, restaurants and other slightly seedy establishments.  We ducked into the tiniest door into the tiniest alleyway.  The door was so small and covered in stickers that we weren't even sure if it was a bar.  We went in and joined 2 local women.  They were very cool.  They were teaching us Japanese.  The bartender was also really cool.  He asked us if we liked heavy metal and then put on this crazy hardcore Japanese stuff and everyone in this tiny bar was rocking out.  It was awesome.

more to come later,

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