Thursday, March 10, 2011

gigs...recordings....movies....Oh my!

I have a bunch of local NY stuff coming up.  I haven't done a Staten Island gig since the Spinal Tap tribute on Halloween.  I'm looking forward to the next few months.

On Wednesday, March 16th, I'm playing at the Full Cup on Van Duzer Street in Staten Island with Baby Johnson.  Baby Johnson is the band I play with at the Red Lion in Manhattan. The best way I could describe a Baby Johnson gig is: "A party band where anything goes." Hopefully the Staten Island people will be crazier than the Manhattan people.  We'll see!  The show starts at 8 PM and they're promoting as a pre-St Patty's day bash.  The band for that show will be Russ Jones, Andy Ascolese and Vinny Cimino.

Next on the list is Epic and Triumphant return of MorningStarlett.  On Wednesday, April 13th at 10 PM, we will be playing the Trash Bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  MorningStarlett is actually in the process of recording an album.  We began production in January and things sound really great so far.

After that I have a trio gig booked at Uncle Bourbon's In Staten Island on Bay Street.  This will take place on Thursday, April 21.  This show will feature and Danny Miranda (of Queen, and Meatloaf) and Andy Ascolese.  We're gonna do a lot of guitar based stuff, so if you like shredding, this is the show to go to.  I may also sneak in a few originals as well.

I'm trying to get my music online.  I made a account, but I'm learning it takes some time before it shows up in the radio stream.  If anyone is into and has any of my stuff on their music playing device, do me a favor and give it a scrobble!

Aside from all of the gigs and recording projects, I'm also knee deep in Tiger's Fang!  We're gonna have a release party in late April.  Details To Be Announced!


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