Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I've been a bad blogger

It's been way to long since I've written anything here. Here's what's going on:

I'm doing lots of gigs with BOC. Fortunately, our busy season got extended a bit, which is totally fine by me.

I'm still working on the MorningStarlett album. It's hard to coordinate everyone's schedules, but I think I can safely say that as of next week, all of the instruments will be done and all that will by left to do is vocals.... and maybe some extra added effects here and there.

After that I'm scheduled to mix the bad mouth Bettie's cd which will be equally awesome.

I've been getting a lot of studio work and that has been a welcome challenge for me. The work has been diverse and fun.

I'm starting to get the itch to do some more tiger's fang, but I promised myself that I would complete a few legit music projects before returning to my hobby of making over-produced, under-watched you tube movies.

In terms of gear, I got some exciting things coming up. I have a secret guitar in the works, and I'm looking forward to sharing info about it when it's completed. I also just finished the process of retro-fying my rickenbacker 12 string. I'm looking forward to recording with that. I've also been using a Music Man Steve Morse Y2d model on some of my gigs. I bought this guitar because it was purple, but I ended up really liking it. It's nothing like the axis. It has 5 very different sounds and the output is lower which causes the guitar to clean up a lot easier.

On a non musical note, I was invited to beta test star wars: the old republic. I Liked it a lot, but I was expecting a bit more with all the hype this game has received. I will still be playing it at launch and I'm sure I'll have loads to write about once we start playing.


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