Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been mentioning MorningStarlett a lot recently.  MorningStarlett is my original band. If I had to describe our style, I'd probably use movies instead of musical terms.  We're like "The Fifth Element" meets "Lord Of The Rings" but in metal band form.  One of our most unique traits is our singer.  Ann Marie Nacchio is our frontwoman, and her range is astounding.  Not only does her pitch range seem endless, but she effortlessly shifts in and out of metal and operatic vocal styles.  It's pretty crazy.

Our album drops on 11/21 and will be available in digital format in most online music stores.  We'll also have physical discs on sale at

We're doing something I've never tried before at our CD release party.  We're playing our whole album live while synced up to a video screen.  It's going to be awesome if it works!

Our CD release party will take place at the Full Cup in Staten Island, NY on 11/21 at 8 PM.

I hope you can make it down there and witness this epic event!


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