Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hit Me With It and Klingons.

We had Hit Me With It rehearsal today. As usual it was a marathon rehearsal where we went over 30+ songs. We're playing at the dugout pub on saturday night in Staten Island. If you haven't seen us recently, we're playing with Rob Kipp on keys and Phil Magallanes on bass. Phil is moving to Florida soon so this will be his last show with us. If you've never heard Phil play, make sure you get to hear this amazing musician live in person while you still can!

In other news, I must clear up something that my friend Damian brought up today while watching the new Star Trek movie. He made a comment about how all alien races in Star Trek look like humans with only minor variations. I feel the need to explain this for all the non- trekkies who are curious...

In Star Trek lore, all of the humanoid races are decendants of one race. This ancient race of people developed space travel long before the dawn of 'istory and populated various planets. Through evolution, each group adapted to its planet's conditions over the millenia. This is why all humanoid species look slightly different.

I hope that this clears up this very important matter for you.


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