Saturday, August 14, 2010

Michael McDonald

So I'm obsessed with Michael McDonald.  Here's how it happened....
I've always been vaguely aware of Michael McDonald, that guy with the woofy sounding voice.  About 10 years ago, I was flipping through the channels when I came across a comedy special by Tommy Davidson.  He did a great Michael McDonald impression in his act.  It was funny, and it was spot on.  Here's a clip
So after seeing this bit, I would laugh everytime I heard Michael McDonald on the radio.  I would try to do my own imitation, which was usually terrible.  After a while I started getting more familiar with the songs.  I wanted desparately do be able to do my own Michael McDonald impression.  I went out and bought the Doobie Bros. greatest hits and learned all his songs.  I even went as far as to record my own version of "What a fool Believes."  During that recording I realized something.  Singing like Michael McDonald is freakin hard!  Know why?  It's because Michael McDonald is unbelievably awesome.  What started as a joke turned into something completely different.  I became a Michael McDonald fan.  All I do is listen to the Michael McDonald station on Pandora.  I do Michael McDonald at gigs, and I try to sing all songs in the style of Michael McDonald.
Here's a related side story.  I was hanging out with the crew during the set-up at a BOC gig.  A well-respected pro audio manufacturer had just installed a brand new state of the art system at that particular venue, so their reps were there checking it out.  On this particular day, I did the entire line-check with our Front of House sound engineer, Woody.  I went through all the instruments and all the mikes doing, you guessed it...Michael McDonald.  After the line check was done, the audio reps approached me saying that they were supplying the touring gear for Michael McDonald, and they'd be interested hiring me to set Michael's vocal microphone at his gigs!  I don't know if they were serious, but it makes a good story!
So there it is.  Michael McDonald, is not silly, he's incredible.  Everything he does is awesome, and I worship the ground he walks on and the microphones he spits in.

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