Sunday, September 5, 2010

On your feet or on your knee

I'm having a bit of a knee issue this week so I can't run around on stage. If you come to any of the shows this week and see me limping around, this is why. But don't worry; to compensate for this, I will be playing more notes.



  1. Oh I dunno about that, Richie, I saw you moseying around just fine on stage on Sunday. Great job! And a great show, I only regret that the girl next to my wife caught the pick and not my wife.

    Get better soon, man.

  2. Richie, you and BOC were awesome! We were on the left side of the stage and the show was the best I have ever been to. I loved it when Godzilla was about to start and you were looking around. Hope your knee feels better soon! - Tim