Saturday, September 14, 2013

Just Checking In

Hello blog subscribers.  I don't have anything to promote today, so I'll just say hey!

I'm having a really busy month.  I've been playing a bunch of West Coast gigs with BOC and doing a lot of work in my home studio.  I get a lot of calls and e-mails from people wanting me to contribute to their recordings.  I love doing this kind of work.  I can work from home, it's very creative and fun.  Since I'm working from home, the turnaround time is usually very quick.

I have a lot of ideas in my head for future projects, but I've put them all on hold.  I'm getting married next month and there's a lot of things to be done for the wedding, so that takes priority right now.

I can tell you a few of the cool things I'm in the middle of at the moment.  We're nearly done filming Tiger's Fang 10.  This has been the most challenging one yet because it was our first time using a green screen and we made about every noob mistake possible.  Steve and I have been painstakingly going through every frame of these shots.  Not fun.  The movie is looking really good and it's really really funny.

I'm working on an awesome project with some of my students.  I can't say much yet, except that I'm totally blown away by their talent.  This one is going to be jaw dropping!

I've been working on a lot of new music for myself and my friends.  I have a collection of songs that I'm planning to release as digital singles.  They're all done, I just have to polish them up a bit.  I've also been contributing parts to original music for some of my more well known buddies.  Can't say anything about those projects yet.

On the subject of MorningStarlett, we've been kind of stagnant.  Not by choice though.  There just aren't many places for a band like us to play.  The nice thing though, is that the CD did pretty well for an unknown band release.  I've been reading reviews from all over the world and people really love this album.  I'm very proud of the MorningStarlett CD and it makes me feel great that there are people who really appreciate it.

Now onto the important stuff.  This has been an amazing video game month for me.  I got the new Tomb Raider.  I just finished it.  What an incredible game!  Beautiful, exciting, was right up my alley.  I loved it!

I'm doing the Riddler stuff in Arkham City.  That game is simply incredible.  It's perfect.  Sometimes when I need to unwind, I just put that game on and patrol Gotham.  It's so amazing that I can play it without even touching any of the missions and still enjoy it.

I just picked up Diablo 3.  While the gameplay and the graphics are pretty basic, the multiplayer features make that game great.  Being able to jump in and out of games with your friends whether they're in your living room, or at their own houses makes this a real winner.  It's like a fantasy party game.  Very cool.

I'm also back into comics.  Yes, my nasty habit is back.  I'm currently reading the DC new 52 stuff.  I was resistant at first, but a few story lines piqued my interest.  I'm not current on everything but I've been reading Batman, Detective Comics, Wonder Woman, Huntress/Powergirl, and Justice League.  It's great stuff to read on the plane when they make you turn your phone off!


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