Friday, March 7, 2014

Artemis on the road!

I was reading a bunch of blogs today and then I thought...wait...I have a blog too!

So here I am.  Not sure if anyone reads this considering I do most of my posting on Facebook, but I have a blog, it's here, it works, so I should fill it with words.

Right now I'm in a hotel in Wendover, NV.  We got in last night.  Our show is tonight with Foghat.  Last night, was amazing.  I organized a game of Artemis in my hotel room.  It was incredibly fun.

I'm a little obsessed with Artemis at the moment.  It's probably the best multiplayer sci fi game ever made.  It's simple and kinda lo-fi by some of today's standards, but the game is so incredibly good that you barely notice that you spent most of the time looking at graphs and blips.

I was going to refrain from describing the game on my blog, but I love talking about this game, so why not.

It's a starship bridge simulator.  You can connect up to 36 computers or mobile devices to a single router or you can play online.  I haven't tried online play yet. To be honest I think this game is best played by people in the same room.

You can have 6 stations on each ship.  Captain, gunner, pilot, communications, engineer, science.  There's a main viewer which gives you the space graphics that we all know and love from Star Trek.  The captain gives orders and the rest of the crew has to carry out those orders on their respective control panels.  It's easy to play, but has enough nuance that you can get really strategic with it.

So last night we played a game with Eric, Jules, Andy, and Jimbo from Foghat.  It was really fun. A great time was had by all.

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