Thursday, January 14, 2010

NAMM Day 1

I saw a lot of cool stuff today. As usual, I was most impressed by TC electronic. Their new polyphonic tuner pedal is great. You strum all of your strings at once and it gives you 6 LEDs that meter all 6 strings simultaneously. Awesome. Their nova delay pedal is also amazing.

Engl amps are fucking amazing. I need to get one. It's not capabable of getting a bad sound. All their stuff is also midi controllable which I love! I loved their 4 channel head and the combo too.

Music Man had a good showing. The dual humbucker Albert Lee is really nice. It sounds great. I really like the new 5 string Big Al bass. It has guitar-player friendly string spacing. If I was doing more bass gigs, I'd probably jump at it. I got my eye on a few things from Music Man.

The new soft synth player from Muse is really nice. I think I will have to convince BOC to buy it. It holds software plugins and it's only about the size of a lunch box. Very cool.

I'm a bit jetlagged, and overwhelmed from the first day, so I'm having a little trouble remembering some of the stuff I saw.

More to come tomorrow,

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