Monday, January 25, 2010

Saturday in Staten Island

I had a great time on Saturday.  We played a Hit Me With It gig at the Dugout in Staten Island.  It was Ann Marie Nacchio, Andy Ascolese, Chris Kuffner and me.  It was great to hear Chris play again.  We had a lot of fun.

I know that lately, Staten Island has been the punchline of every east coast guido joke in mainstream media, but I gotta say that I definitely saw another side of my beloved hometown on Saturday.  It was getting late and I looked out into crowd and saw nothing but talented people.  Every person in the audience was a badass.  We were playing the song "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder and we were jamming on the Ebm7 to Ab7.  Chris just played a fantastic bass solo and then I decided to try a little audience participation.  I had a wireless on my guitar.  I went out into the crowd, and started handing the guitar around.  Everyone who played took a great solo.  Not good...great.  No one did a few stock licks, they were all hitting chord tones while playing amazing rhythmic stuff.  I just thought to myself, "Where else can this happen?"  Sure, Staten Island has its fair share of Jersey Shore cast members, (I have no problem with them) but it also has a wealth of great talent, and that often gets overshadowed by the stereotypes. This isn't a complaint, it's an observation.

By the way, I'm now referring to my belly as "The Situation."  Time to fill "The Situation" with some pizza.


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