Sunday, January 17, 2010

NAMM Day 3

I listened to a lot of amps today. The 1 watt Bugera was pretty cool. It sounded like a loud amp but at a low volume.

Blackstar amps were also really good sounding. They had a great tonal quality, and nice gain.

I went back to ENGL for the 9th time today and tried out their 1 rack space tube preamp. It was amazing like everything else they make. I spoke to the guys from the company, and I have a feeling that I will soon be an ENGL endorsee.

Voodoo labs makes a box that will use midi program changes to switch channels or any other 1/4 inch relay switch. It's awesome.

I played a cool bass ukulele that was one of the most fun instruments to play.

Peterson has a guitar (and a bass) to midi box that is monophonic. It's very small and works well.

I was invited to play at a jam tonight with Chris Slade, Alan White, Liberty Devito, Jimy Sohns, and more. It was a lot of fun.


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