Sunday, January 17, 2010

NAMM Day 4

I heard Rivera amps today. I thought they were very good. To my ears it sounded like a fender with modern attitude. The EQ worked well and there was plenty of gain.

I checked out Melodyne again. It was supposed to be released around the last NAMM show but it just came out in November, so I guess it still counts a new product. Melodyne is mind blowing! You can edit polyphonic audio files. If you play a chord on guitar, you can edit the individual notes of the chord. You can edit time pitch and vibrato. It's awesome.

I saw a neat double bass drum pedal called Dualist. It's one pedal that has 2 beaters. When you release the pedal the 2nd beater hits. Sure, it's like cheating, but I'm a crappy drummer and have no problem cheating.

I looked at a small 8 input soundcraft mixer that looked good. It was surprisingly small considering the amount of features it has. It looks like it might be a good move for live pa on a bar gig.

I wish I could write something about guitars, but I feel like most of the guitars I looked at were way overpriced. I don't really feel comfortable paying over 3 grand for a guitar, so I don't think I'll mention those companies, even though they had some nice stuff. I did order another music man. You can beat their quality and price.

I had a very good show overall. I got hooked up with some great companies and I can honestly say that I've never seen so many giant breasts in one place in my entire life! It was very hard to stay focused, but I was able to work through it.


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